The Ordinary Morning

Setting Goals and releasing them to the world has grown trendy over the past few years. Planners, journals, and Goal-Setting Resources have begun to proliferate the web. Just search for the phrase “Accomplish Your Goals!” and you’ll be flooded with targeted ads for Life-hack gurus and Self-help aficionados who claim to solve all of your problems and make your dreams come true. Although there is significant merit to this type of inspiration, without action it is simply nothing

Supreme Survival: The Presidential Traverse

I grew up in New England. At all times Colonial history surrounds me as do the rooted and rocky trails that connect the small states in a patch-work from New York to Canada. If you’ve ever spent time here you’ve tasted this country’s seasons in its fullest of flavors: long, cold Winters, bright and muggy Summers, colorful Autumn, and a brief, mild Spring thrown in for good measure. No place in our small six-state region exemplifies this more than the White Mountains in New Ha

The Divine Climb of Meteora: In the Moment

The sun strikes the sandstone cliff and reflects on my face. The afternoon heat reaches its peak but the light breeze blowing up from the valley floor helps maintain my composure. The movement of air is slight and silent. The Sound of bees, roosters, and stray dogs echo off the canyon walls. My belay partner, Matt, stands far below so in this moment it's just me and the rock. I came to Meteora following the path that primitive climbers began so many years before me. I found t

Sleepless Nights in the Norwegian Venice

I have never felt concern or stress over the thought of solo travel. I've been traveling the world, solo or with friends, since I was 16. So when a notice for deeply discounted off-season flights to Norway dropped in my mailbox I made a cursory invite to a few travel-mates. It became quickly apparent that no one was available so I booked a ticket for myself and began planning. In summer, Norway is the perfect road trip destination. The infrastructure is vast and well-document

The Ambitious Monk: My Week on the Holy Mount.

Sotiris was a new friend, 40 years our senior and an uncertain connection to the adventure ahead; our Greek gateway to the Holy Mount. My flat-mate Matt and I joined him on a journey to see an old childhood friend of his on Mount Athos. Typically a pilgrimage to Orthodoxy's secluded sacred site takes years of planning and a bit of luck. For us it took one phone call and a 3 hour drive; the serendipitous sum of luck, ignorance. Athos is a private monastic peninsula and nearly

Little James Franco and the Miracle of Santa Cruz Island

Ferries to Santa Cruz, the largest island in California and most prominent of the Channel Islands, depart daily from Ventura. It holds esteem as a spectacularly beautiful site yet still remains accessible as one of the lesser traveled National Parks. Once maintained as ranching land it is now being returned to its natural state. As a runner and nature-lover this means one great thing, wide-open and private trails. Local friends had a packed schedule with visiting family so I